What kind of sewing machine do you use?
My mother gave me my first basic Singer sewing machine for my birthday when I started sewing. I was so happy! I sewed on it for a while but knew if I ever got serious about my sewing passion, I would have to invest in a nicer machine. After becoming frustrated one day I began my research for a new machine. I decided on the Janome Magnolia 7330 and have never looked back. I am in love with this machine! My only mistake was ordering it on the internet instead of buying from a local dealer. When I first started sewing on my Janome I broke a needle and the machine would not sew properly. I had no idea what I had done! In tears, I called the online company and was told I would have to pay to ship it to them, let them repair it and then wait for it to come back. I decided then to take to a local dealer. I drove the hour drive and had to pay the $85 fee but it was well worth it! I thought I had ruined my sparkly new machine but a piece of the needle had fallen into the insides of the machine causing the skips. I was so relieved! All this to say that I learned my lesson! Always buy your machine from a local dealer that you can form a relationship with!

How did you learn to sew?
I got my love of sewing from my mother. I watched her sew growing up and we sewed together when I was young. I learned the basics in 8th grade Home Economics from my teacher Mrs. Durden. I became better at sewing on my own and learned how to use a serger in her class.  We sewed pillows and all sorts of things! When I started sewing again I remembered some things I learned from my mom and home ec class but now I learn new techniques from other sewing blogs, Indie sewing patterns, and YouTube!

Who is your photographer?
Why, my beautiful daughter, of course! Photo sessions involve lots of arguments and raised voices but we usually come away with a few great photos!

Do you ever sell the clothes that you make?
No I don’t! I really enjoy sewing for myself (sorry) and the money is just not worth the time, effort, and love that I put into something I sew!  I have been known to give gifts of things I’ve made but you have to be someone very special! ;;)  Although honestly as a beginner I don’t think I’m up to the level of selling things I’ve made… yet!


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