“Crazy Love” for this Laurel


Hello y’all! Even though today isn’t “Way Back-Wednesday”, “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday”, I’m still going to go out on a limb here and show y’all one of my very first makes because it’s just too cute not to blog about on this regular, ordinary Monday. And yes I know Monday’s are designated as “Man Crush Monday” but hey, what can I say, I haven’t sewn anything for my man yet. Maybe I should add it to my to-do list.

hmmm maybe.

Soooo on to this Colette Laurel! I made this dress when I first started my sewing venture and at that time it was a true challenge for me because I had never sewn in a zipper before. Everything went fine up until that point though and then all hell broke loose! First of all I had to shorten the zipper, don’t ask me why- I can’t even remember, but I did. So of course I googled how to shorten a zipper but being the newbie that I was I cut the wrong end of the zipper. This lead to the metal part actually coming off of the zipper and then me trying to figure out how to fix it. I sewed the little stops at the top of the zipper (or so I thought) and then sewed the zipper in. I admired my wonderful straight stitching and then pulled the zipper up to zip the dress. And the metal zipper slides. completely. off. of. the. dress! Ohhhh I was so distraught! Have you ever tried to get the metal piece back on an invisible zipper that has already been sewn in? Do not try it! I threw a tantrum and that dress down and marched out of my sewing room leaving many expletives in my wake!


But being the tenacious person that I am I could not give up! I got my mind right and on the next day tried again. I ended up having to rip the zipper completely out and with much prayer (and wine) I finally got it to work and resewed the zipper. It’s still not perfect but decent for my first zipper ever! It was also my first time sewing darts and making my own bias tape.


Another thing about this dress was that I originally made it for myself (selfish I know). But somehow after I washed it, hung it to try, ironed it, and went to wear it one morning, I could hardly get that damn zipper up! I’m going with the “it must have shrunk in the washer” story because in no way am I admitting to any extra lbs! ;;) But this was meant to be since it looks absolutely fabulous on my daughter! Much better than it would have ever looked on me.


Even after all of the mistakes I made on this dress -and no I’m not going to point them all out, I do have some pride left after all, I still feel very pleased with how it turned out! It was a great learning experience for me. I love the dress and especially the little gathered cuffs. Aren’t they the cutest!


And now for the deets: The pattern is the Laurel from Colette Patterns which is a shift dress that can even be made with knits. I have made several Colette patterns, my Moneta here, and the instructions are very detailed and they have an outstanding website which is a go-to for me for great tutorials. This cute fabric is Crazy Love Priscilla in brown by Jennifer Paganelli. The design of the fabric reminds me so much of the interior design of the Fox Theater in Atlanta with the mosque-style shapes and points. It is actually quilting cotton which is a little stiff, so if I was making this again with the same fabric, I would add a lining just so it would feel more comfortable against the skin.


I hope you enjoyed reading about one of my first makes! It really is fun to go back and see how my skills have improved over time! As the saying goes practice makes perfect!

Until next time… Regan

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