A Wiksten Tova in Shot Cotton


Happy Monday my friends! Today I want to share with you this Wiksten Tova that I made a while back when I first began sewing. This was actually my second Tova, my first one was in a feather knit fabric that I purchased from Girl Charlee and I still adore that dress! But for my second one I wanted to use this luxurious shot cotton from Kaffe Fassett.


Shot Cotton is described as “a woven with two slightly different colors, creating a subtle shimmer of light and beauty”. The drawbacks of shot cotton are that it ravels slightly so you have to be gentle, it wrinkles easily, and is slightly sheer. To solve these issues just  1) make sure to finish your edges – I used my mock overlock stitch on mine 2) iron it to your heart’s content and …then decide that wrinkles aren’t so bad 3) wear a slip if you want to- especially in daylight or forego the slip if its dark out or throw caution to the wind altogether and embrace the translucence, which is what I did in these pictures! (really, who has time for a slip?)  I love this fabric because it has a soft texture and feels nice against the skin. And I’m all about comfort these days!


This dress is a not really a difficult sew, I would say the placket is the trickiest part of all but if you go slow and take your time it will turn out nicely. Another problematic thing for me was that the pattern and instructions were in all black and white and since I was a beginner at the time it was pretty darn complicated for me to figure out the pictures in grey tones. Being the visual learner that I am, this posed a slight hangup for me. If the step-by-step pictures of the sample dress in the instructions had been in color it would have made it so much easier for me to see how the placket was folded and sewn. However, I persevered and made it through the process the first time and my second dress was much more fun to sew. Once you get that placket sewn in one time it’s like riding a bike- you’ll never forget- whether the pictures are in color or not!


You can see the close-up of the placket here. My gathers are a little uneven being heavy on the left and the sewing at the top of the collar could have been more finished, but, alas, I was a beginner after all and had my limitations!

The best thing about this pattern is that it can be made up in a variety of fabrics and styles! As I said earlier my first one was in a knit while my second one was in cotton. Both fabrics worked wonderfully and turned out fabulous! And here I made the dress but I have seen others across the web shortened and made into tops and also sleeveless dresses and tops. The possibilities abound. Their tank pattern is also very popular.


Since I had my boots on that day, I thought this barn would be the perfect backdrop – or what’s left of it anyway. It truly epitomizes the south! This is one of the barns at my grandparents homeplace where my Daddy now lives. As a child, I would ride my bicycle to my grandparents every day and I remember playing in this barn with my cousins.

Ahhhh memories!


Until next time… Regan

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