I Made Leggings!


HAPPY 2015 y’all! It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by but I’m sooo excited for this upcoming year and the NEW it may bring! Things are finally settling down around here and after the holidays and a wonderful family skiing vacay (more about that later), I am finally able to get to my computer and blog my latest makes. Yes I said makes! I made an entire outfit! Which is a first for me. And I had so much wonderful enjoyment sewing up both of these pieces!

I always wonder at the start of a new pattern if I can actually pull it off. I throw ideas around in my head (scary!) like problems I may run into that have to do with fabric, fitting, or the actual sewing. That’s how I felt about the leggings. They just seemed like they would be really tricky to sew for some reason. But the desire to have new leggings outweighed the fear and well… you know! New leggings! This pattern is from So Sew Easy and it’s called Sew Simple Leggings. I purchased the pattern on Black Friday for a steal from IndieSew.com. And you guys it really is sooooo simple to sew your own leggings! Deby from So Sew Easy has a very insightful video on her YouTube channel that walks you through the entire process from measuring your body to the sewing itself. Once you have the pattern all of the tutorials are linked up which is super helpful when you’re flipping from pattern to video. I actually cut a size too big so I had to take in the legs and inseam several times to get them to fit tight enough. Afterall, leggings are supposed to be tight fitting and I wanted them tight! I used 1 1/2 inch elastic for the waistband, but when I make more, I plan on using 1 inch elastic. The 1 1/2 just seems to thick of a band to me. Other than that they fit perfectly and since this first pair was a learning experience, I know the next pair will be perfect the first go round.  I also purchased this amazing floral ponte fabric on Black Friday from Girl Charlee. It was a lovely choice for these leggings. Just thick enough but not too thick for leggings.


My top is the Hey June Lane Raglan made with more Girl Charlee fabric, some of their black solid cotton spandex knit. Super cozy knit btw. This Raglan style is one of the easiest tops to sew since you don’t have to insert sleeves and the neckband is sewn in flat, a method I love. This is a great top for a beginner to try. I added a little length to the bottom to cover my booooty because I wanted to wear it with these leggings! I like the way it turned out – I’ve already worn it several times and just made another off-the-shoulder one in sweatshirt fabric. (I’ll be blogging this soon!)



It was really freezing that day- so out of character for south Georgia y’all! But on the plus side there were no golfers out that day wondering why two crazy girls were out in 30 degree weather posing and having a photo session!

And speaking of freeeezing… our family went to Snowshoe, West Virginia skiing for the new year! The four of us, my mother-in-law, her two sisters, a cousin, and my sister-in-law’s family made the trip north. We had a blast! The drive for us was around ten hours and I must say our two teenagers kept us in stitches for the some 2o hours we were in the vehicle. So the ride wasn’t so bad with all the laughs and the skiing was so worth the ride. We had a nice relaxing time being together, enjoyed good food, and good times.


goggles and more goggles


I hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to the new year! I am thrilled to continue my sewing journey and can’t wait to share more of my creations with you during 2015. I have many upcoming plans and ideas! Thanks for reading and until next time… Regan



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