Buffalo Plaid Gardenia Dress


I knew when I made my first Gardenia dress that I would be sewing up another one ASAP. And once this Buffalo Plaid fabric from Girl Charlee arrived on my door step, I threw it in the washer and then began cutting! I didn’t bother with the plaid matching because I wanted this to be a quick project. I can’t really tell that the plaids don’t line up, so all is good with me! This dress was quicker to sew than the first one just because it was my second round with this pattern but it was a little trickier since this fabric is a knit. The only other difference was that I took a shortcut and used a premade bias tape for the neck binding. I can’t decide if this was a good or bad decision since it seems that the neckline is a bit larger than I would prefer. If I had used the knit binding I could have pulled it tighter making it a little more snug and not so loose. All in all it was a fast and easy sew. Like I’ve said before I love this pattern and the outcome. The dress is super comfy.


This plaid is really perfect for the Christmas season. I love the red, black, and cream combination. But really, who can be from Georgia and not love red?! GO DAWGS!


I finished this dress just in time to wear it out to our town’s annual Holiday Tour of Homes. My mother and I had a great time on the tour! My only regret is that I forgot to snap a picture of the two of us.


I also wore the dress later that afternoon to our nephew’s birthday party! So this dress does double duty- another plus!


Thanks for visiting and I wish everyone a happy and blessed holiday season!

Until next time…Regan

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