A Self-Drafted Circle Skirt


As soon as I polished off my Faux Fur Peplum Top and was adding the finishing touches, my daughter breezed into my sewing room, saw all of that beautiful leftover camel colored ponte de roma fabric and just begged me to make her a circle skirt. Being the selfish sewer that I am, I had to ponder this for awhile…hmmmm.

Nah, just kidding! I was thrilled, shocked, excited, stunned, etc! One, because I had never made a circle skirt before without a pattern and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to learn how to draft one, and most importantly, getting a teenager to wear anything handmade is a major feat in and of itself! So needless to say I immediately started researching circle skirt tutorials.

I started with the By Hand London Circle Skirt App which was awesome for the math part but since I’m a bit of a slow learner I had to have more guidance. I watched several YouTube videos and finally had a grasp of the concept. Not only am I a slow learner but I also have trouble visualizing things- I am more concrete and always, always read the directions. This is why I am a pattern lover and not a self-drafter (is that a word?). Using my notes from the many videos and websites that I found I started drawing out the pattern for her skirt.

Creating the pattern:


Pattern and skirt pieces cut out:


Finished product:


Isn’t it precious! And she even wore it out in public! WIN WIN!

This ponte fabric that I purchased from Joann’s worked beautifully for the skirt. It has a wonderful drape and looks great on her. And it’s a wash and hang- no ironing needed. Which is another plus.

Close up:


The ponte fabric combined with the four pieces of the skirt make it have great volume!

Back view:


The obligatory twirl!!


I had a great time planning and sewing up this skirt! Once I had the pattern drawn and the pieces cut, the sewing took no time at all. And now that I have the pattern, I can make her even more!

Until next time…Regan

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