Corduroy Gardenia Dress

Guess what y’all! I have a new favorite pattern! I can’t tell you how long I have waited to sew. this. dress! And let me tell ya, it was well worth the wait! I’ve had the pattern downloaded, cut and taped together for at least a month! My mouth just watering to sew! But, the pattern was written for knits, and like I’ve explained before there are no fabric shops close to me and I: 1) did not have any knit fabric that I wanted to use 2) definitely did not want to drive an hour away to buy some 3) had this awesome super soft pink and black corduroy in my stash that was just screaming at me to use it for this dress! So I gave in to all the yelling and used a woven corduroy fabric for a knit pattern. It turned out beautifully!

Enough suspense, drum roll please…

This is the CaliFaye Collection Women’s Gardenia Dress pattern! It sewed like a dream, like I knew it would, and from start to finish only took me a few hours to sew. I am so ready to make many many more of these dresses! And believe me I have several online shopping carts full of knits just for this purpose. So stay tuned for more Gardenia dresses!


I love the blousy style of this dress, it makes it soooo comfortable- no holding your stomach in after a big meal! Which is so MY style of dress! Which is one of the wonderful things about making your own clothes. You can make the style of clothes that you LOVE!  And they are custom designed just for you. Not only do the clothes you make fit you perfectly, you also don’t have the problem of having the same outfit as everyone else. So don’t be scared! Find a beginner pattern and dive in. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to go into my closet and put on a piece of clothing that I made! YAY!

Although the fabric is corduroy, it has a fine texture with a little stretch and give which made it work for this pattern. I found the fabric at Joann’s on the sale rack and it caught my eye immediately.  I’m a sucker for anything pink! This is a closeup of the top front of the dress. Don’t you just love this fabric?!





My sassy photographer had to get in front of the camera and goof around a little!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the holiday!

Until next time… Regan

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