It’s Fall Y’all and my first post!

Good morning! I’m so excited/nervous/scared to write my very first blog post! It has been nerve-racking to decide how to begin after so much planning and effort to get started! I’m just going to jump right in… I wore this Lady Skater Dress that I sewed up last fall to church this Sunday and thought it would be the perfect thing to begin my blog. I knew I just had to talk my family into participating in a quick photo session out at the farm immediately after church. They agreed as long as they were fed first! So after lunch we drove out and took some quick pics. My daughter is the photographer and she patiently took the shots while the men talked and laughed. It was a successful shoot!

Don’t be fooled either, it looks like it is nice fall weather, right?? Nope, it was about 85 degrees; but that’s how it is down here in the south! Still hot at the end of October! For this Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress, I used a Peacock Blue solid cotton lycra knit fabric that I ordered from Girl Charlee and sewed up a size 3 according to my measurements from the pattern directions. I love the way it fits. Not only is it comfortable, but the dress is very flattering and hits perfectly around the waist.  I styled it up with a scarf I searched for just to match this peacock color!

I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this dress! The directions are spot on and very step-by-step which helps me so much since I am a visual learner! And it’s perfect for a beginner. BTW, I didn’t even hem the skirt! Isn’t that just the best thing about sewing with knits?!

Until next time… Regan





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