Two Not So Basic Petrouchkas

Doesn’t everyone need a few basics in their closet? Like white and black T-shirts and a few pairs of jeans? Something that you can just throw on without thinking and call it a day? Yes, yes of course we do! But sewing up plain ole black and white fabric just isn’t any fun and was not enticing me one bit! Sooo I sewed up a couple of not-so-basic Ts in not-so-basic fabric and this is how they turned out!


Both of these tops are the Petrouchka raglan top pattern from Papercut Patterns. I have experience with Papercut – my Saiph Tunic here and as I have told y’all before I enjoy sewing up their designs and wish I had every pattern in their store. I made this red one first in a size XS according to my measurements. This small dot knit fabric is from the Riley Blake Designs Knit Basics Collections. It is a very nice thick knit with a soft hand which made it a dream to sew with.  It was much more cooperative than most knits and almost sewed like a quilting cotton. It has a lot of stretch which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you like your knits.

This polka dot red version is my daughter’s favorite of the two!





It was a chilly day out although we didn’t get the blizzard down here that most people across the US were experiencing! No snow days for us!


I made this blue stripe Petrouchka specifically for my daughter so I cut it in an XXS and dumb me I cut my pattern and now only have the XXS!  And it is the actual packaged pattern all the way from New Zealand – talk about breaking my heart! I’ll have to figure out a way to fix this- have any of you ever made this mistake? How did you fix it besides buying another copy of the pattern?


This fabric is Girl Charlee navy blue and silver peony stripe cotton jersey blend knit that I have been hoarding in my stash for like forever! I finally cut into for this top. It was worth it!

It is not as stretchy as the red polka dot fabric but just as comfortable and cute! I was very proud of my stripe matching! woop woop


StripPetrouchkafront2  StripPetrouchkacu

You can see the size differences in the XXS and the XS from looking at both tops. This XS fits me just right but I cannot even get the XXS over my head! What a difference fabric and size make!


Well, now you know what to do if you need a few dressy basics in your closet, that you can just slip on and look all dolled up in a matter of minutes:  make up a Papercut Petrouchka in some eye-catching knit fabric, add some pearls, and then go brag to everyone that you made it!


Until next time… Regan